Asoka is reserved

Asoka is amazing in every way. She is a warm toned girl that is the most outgoing in her litter and has the physical attributes that can add to a small breeding program or as a high quality pet. Asoka's mom snipped her tail at borth when she was biting the umbilical cord so because her tail is shorter, she is not available as a show kitten. We think that it makes her cuter and we almost kept her for our breeding program.  Asoka's sire is Cosmos on our Kings and Queen's page so it is possible that she carries Lynx, Burmese, melanistic. Look at that back skull and ear set!! As a pet, Asoka will be spayed and be up to date on her vaccinations including rabies. 

Pet price: $1500

Inquire privately for breeder price

April is reserved

April is sweet and still gaining confidence as the litter explores the world without their mom. Weaning is a process and we give the kittens the chance to explore while still letting mom take care of them in the nest. April and her siblings are eating wet and dry food and will be visiting the vet this week to get their first well kitten check-ups and first kitten vaccinations. They will also be de-wormed. April will be ready for her new home mid-April after she is spayed and receives her 2nd kitten vaccine as well as her rabies vaccination. Pet price:$1200