Our wonderful moms and dads

Dentons Heartrush Summer      "Summer"


PK Def N/N


Summer is Sienna's daughter and we could not be happier with her disposition, stunning markings and her love of being a mother. Sienna and Summer both absolutely love being mothers. All of their kittens have transitioned to their new homes without any issues.

Dentons Honey

 Sugar X Forte


pk Def N/N by parentage

 This gorgeous girl is an upcoming queen that has it all. We are very excited for Honey to pass on her loving personality and stunning qualities

Auroralights Cosmos

pk def N/N

pra-b N/N

We cannot thank Cathy Potter enough for this big, beefy Snow Mink boy. Cosmo is a playful and loving boy who produces big boned beautifully marked kittens!

Auroralights Special Edition


PK Def N/N

Pra-b N/N

Spence is the cool, quiet type that woos the ladies with his laid back personality. A HUGE thank you to Sue from Bengaluvrs for allowing Spence to come be with us. Once again Cathy Potter has produced a gorgeous, big boned Bengal that has so much to pass along to his kittens. Spence's first kittens have been born here and are magnificent.

Thank you Sue and Cathy for being great friends and fellow breeders that only want the best for this majestic breed.