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                                   Our wonderful moms and dads

RisinSun Giorgio "Gio"

This loving gorgeous brown rosetted boy has joined us and will be adding drama to his kittens' coats. Thank you to Becky for this special boy. We fell in love with this big meaty boy and his funky pattern, Love him!!

Sire brown bengal ames iowa healthy and happy
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affordable bengal kittens purr meow silver snow midwest

Dentons Bricks and Ivy is the daughter of Gigi. We love Ivy's puzzle piece DARK markings on the light wheat colored background. Ivy is a gorgeous girl. 

our stunning Dentons Bricks and Ivy

Dentons Purple Reign "Prince"

Prince is Honey and Tyson's son and we could not be any happier with his darkly outlined Rosettes and Rufous coloring. Prince is a confident boy who gets along with everyone. He's a dream!

Pretty queen


Ozarkbengalcats Willow of Dentons is a gorgeous charcoal mink girl! Her father is from our Callista Black Lace and Wildstyle Eddie.

Willow and Cosmos produce all snow litters...Lynx, charcoal lynx, mink, charcoal mink, sepia and charcoal sepia. 


Dentons Genesis "Gigi" is a gorgeous girl and a phenomenal mother. We love Gigi's warm brown coloring.

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