Our wonderful moms and dads

Dentons Honey

 Sugar X Forte


pk Def N/N by parentage

 This gorgeous girl is a wonderful mother who passes on her beauty and wonderful personality to her kittens. 



Ozarkbengalcats Willow of Dentons is a gorgeous charcoal mink girl! Her father is from our Callista Black Lace and Wildstyle Eddie.

Willow and Cosmos produce all snow litters...Lynx, charcoal lynx, mink, charcoal mink, sepia and charcoal sepia. 

Auroralights Cosmos

pk def N/N

pra-b N/N

We cannot thank Cathy Potter enough for this big, beefy Snow Mink boy. Cosmo is a playful and loving boy who produces big boned beautifully marked kittens!


Dentons Kiki is a beautiful girl who produces the most plush kittens with Cosmos. Her babies make amazing family pets and are favorites on our Instagram account. 

Pk  def and Pra-B normal


Dentons Gigi and her sister Lyric have amazing markings and we love the look of the puzzle pieces separated by light wheat colored background. Lyric is in her forever home with her son, Cesar. Gigi is super shy but her kittens are phenomenally chill and fun kittens. 

Pk def and Pra-b normal