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ABOUT dentons bengals


Please ask us about our kittens!  Most of our kittens have the warm brown coloring, we can tell you who is a cool brown and who is a warm brown. This is an example of one of our pet kittens at 11 weeks and again at 9 months. 



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Iowa news

As of July 1st 2013, 4th generation and higher Bengals will be legal in Iowa!  All of our Bengals are higher than that but still maintain the wild look inherited from the ALC (Asian Leopard Cat)

Your new kitten pack includes the vaccination and worming record, a fleece blanket with familiar smells, a toy, food,  TICA registration and a contract to guarantee your new kitten's health for a year.


  1. Bengals are called hypoallergenic.  If you have allergies to cats, there is still a possibility that Bengals can cause you discomfort

  2. Bengals are high energy.  If you have a busy schedule, a Bengal will do well with another pet.  It prevents boredom and possible destructive behavior.

  3. Holidays are busy and decorations can cause problems for a new kitten.  Please kitten proof where the kitten will be spending it's time.

  4. Introducing a new kitten to your home takes time. Your kitten should be kept in a room where it's litter box and food/water are readily available. Introduce your kitten to the bigger areas of your home supervised.  At night and when you are not home, keep the kitten in it's own room.  Gradually you can let the kitten have the run of the house.  Introduce another litter box to the larger areas so that your kitten will not get lost trying to find the litter box. Soon, your kitten will be able to stay outside of it's room unsupervised with no issues.

  5. Water and dry food should be available to your kitten at all times.

  6. Our pet kittens are spayed/neutered before they go to their new homes and and are up to date on shots/deworming.  All of our kittens come with a health guarantee to protect the buyer from any genetic defect that is found within the first year of life.   

  7. Our pet prices: Bengals (short hair) $1500-2100 (average) Cashmere $2200-2800 (average) The $300 deposit will reserve your kitten and the remainder is not due until the time of pick-up.  We reserve the right to cancel a sale prior to pick-up for health and welfare reasons. If we should cancel the sale, the deposit will be refunded. 

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