Upcoming Litters

Snows, browns and charcoals are expected Jan 24-Feb 2

(Momma's first litter, we are guessing 3-4 babies)

Momma had 1 brown baby that I am tubefeeding. Follow Buzz on his amazing journey on Instagram @dentons_bengals

All snows and charcoal snows are due Feb 14th (Momma's 2nd litter, she is getting large like her last litter of 6)

All browns are due March 5th, they will all be spotted and rosetted


Please, please, please only buy your kitten from a breeder that keeps them to 12-14 weeks, has had 2 veterinary exams AND 2 of their 3 kitten vaccinations and is already spayed and neutered! Anyone doing anything less is not thinking of the kittens'  welfare or your happiness with your new family member. They are only thinking of how cheaply they can get their kittens out the door. Please start your kitten out with the best care and love.

The number of pet buyers and breeders that have gotten inadequate kitten care and support from their first purchase that then come to us for help and for their first healthy kitten is HUGE. People are just amazed at the difference in the health of the kitten and it's personality because we take the time to get our kittens ready for their forever homes. 

Our pet kittens are spayed/neutered before they go to their new homes and up to date on shots/deworming.  All of our kittens come with a health guarantee to protect the buyer from any genetic defect that is found within the first year of life. 

Our pet prices:

Marbles $1100

Spotted/Rosetted $1500-1800 (average) 

Inquiries welcome for breeder kittens

The $300 non-refundable deposit will reserve your kitten and the remainder is not due until the time of pick-up.  We reserve the right to cancel a sale prior to pick-up for health and welfare reasons. If we should cancel the sale, the deposit will be refunded.