Upcoming Litters

Our next 3 litters will be so  exciting because our new stud and keeper girls are currently active. Look for silvers, browns, snows, Cashmere silvers, Cashmere browns, and charcoal silver, snow and Cashmere. 

Nola and Prince are expecting in September: Nola had a brown marble and a lynx snow.

Thank you for being patient while our next generation became hormonally mature; we have confirmed pregnancies

We are accepting deposits for our waiting lists. There is no guarantee that a kitten of your selected color will be born in a certain timeframe. The deposit will lock in your choice of kittens:


Future Litters:

Brown kittens~

1. Roux

2. Trisha

3. Steve and Sue

4. Kate and Riley




Silver kittens~

1. Stefni (female kitten)

2. Jessica and Will

3. Kurtis -male











1. Stefni

2. Miranda

3. Kate and Riley


Please, please, please only buy your kitten from a breeder that keeps them to 12-14 weeks, has had 2 veterinary exams AND 2 of their 3 kitten vaccinations and is already spayed and neutered! Anyone doing anything less is not thinking of the kittens' welfare or your happiness with your new family member.

Please start your kitten out with the best care and love.

Our pet prices:

Bengal short hair $1500-2100 (average) 

Cashmere $2200-2800 (average)

The $300 non-refundable deposit will reserve your kitten and the remainder is not due until the time of pick-up at 12-13 weeks. We reserve the right to cancel a sale prior to pick-up for health and welfare reasons. If we should cancel the sale, the deposit will be refunded.