Maverick is sold and going to live with his brother, Malik!!!!

such a stunning boy, he is ready to go! Maverick is super shy, he's going to need an understanding home that will give him the time he needs to acclimate. He is used to our adult neutered male bengal that hangs out in the house with the kittens so I believe that a cat buddy will be great for him. Our dogs barking still startle him so I'm not sure if a dog buddy will help him. That extreme contrast, warm brown tones and sweet personality make him irresistible. We have our suggestions posted on our FAQ page and we always remind new kitten families that providing a safe area like a small room with all of the kitten's necessities is extremely important for the transition and also for preventing unwanted behaviors. If you're patient and will love watching Maverick play and act silly while letting him lead the way while he acclimates then we welcome your inquiry. Maverick is neutered, up to date on vaccinations including his rabies vaccine and health guaranteed. All of our kittens are litter box trained before they leave our home. Pet price: $1000

Anakin is reserved

Anakin is a stunning boy that we are offering as a breeder kitten or pet. Anakin's parents are Kiki (brown with clear coat) and Cosmos on our Kings and Queens page. We will color test as well as pra-b test by dna for breeder prospects. Anakin is pk def n/n. Because Cosmos is a mink that is A/a, Anakin may carry lynx, burmese, a. Think of the possibilities for his offspring!  Anakin has that amazing reddish brown color that breeders call warm brown. Anakin will be ready to go to his new home after his second kitten vaccination and vet check and his rabies vaccine. As a pet, he will already be neutered. 

Ready April 8 Pet price: $1400

Breeder price available by email