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If you're like us, we have gone through a lot of cat teasers with our kittens and adults through the years. We also send home teasers with our kittens and cat families. Breeder friends: sending home a teaser that smells like your home/kitten/cat eases the transition for your kitty and their new family. We have found that using rice in the capsule makes for a quieter rattle sound and is less intimidating for kittens and adults that are often put off by the ping pong ball full of pebbles.  Using different bird feathers also offers different lengths to switch things up a bit for your kitty which adds variety and in turn keeps their interest and reduces toy boredom. We have begun making our teasers using feathers, ribbon and rice capsules and they hold up extremely well.  Everyone sends their thanks and many times we get photos of our baby playing in their new home with the teaser. We've made them affordable and with free shipping within the US. We will be offering teasers in groups of 3. If you'd like to order in bulk (20+), please email us at for a quote. 

We will be adding new feather types and colors so that we can continue to add variety to your kitty's toys.

In our opinion, just like shoes and can never have too many feather teasers! 

your cat teasers will arrive safely wrapped in tissue in a sturdy sealed cardboard mailing tube

USPS delivery

Each group contains 3 teasers       $20 free shipping in the US
email with the Group(s) # that you would like to purchase. If it is still available , use this link Paypal.Me/StefniDenton/20 to send payment. 
Easy Peasy!

We will continue to add available groups each day

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*Do not leave feather toys with your pet unattended

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